Howard Mayhem

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Howard Mayhem was born and raised in Helena Montana as one of 9 siblings Howard has 7 sisters and one brother. Growing up surrounded by mountains and living in a crowded house Howard gravitated towards the outdoors and would explore the streams and dirt roads and hiking trails whenever he got the chance.

As the oldest grandson on his fathers side Howard was rescued by his grandpa from the house of girls in the summers and brought to the Magic Valley. In Shoshone Howard was set free to play and explore the Lincoln County Fair Grounds, the city pool is where Howard learned to swim and catching snakes along the canal. But Howard’s favorite activity was when his grandfather would take him fishing and camping and long drives on gravel roads from Stanley to the Copper Basin.

Along the dirt roads in Idaho and Montana the music was country, Kenny Rodgers, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Dolly Pardon, and Bobby Bear, were just a few of his early musical influences. Howard loved the story telling nature of country music. In high school in the 80’s county music was on the back burner to Guns and Roses, and Mostly Cru and the MTV generation, but still all the girls were in love with Randy Travis, and although it was unpopular at the time Howard loved the outlaw style of Hank Williams Jr.

It’s been more than 25 years since Howard moved to the magic valley, he’s been married for 23 years. Howard’s wife is a CrossFit coach Howard enjoys CrossFit workouts and other vigorous activities. Together Howard and coach Becky have 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl the oldest is 29 and the youngest is only 6, (a little surprise that came along in 2016)

Howard loves hunting, fishing and all things outdoors but his greatest outdoor thrill is archery elk. In 2022 after turning 50 years old Howard backpacked 5 miles into the Idaho wilderness alone, and on foot, shot and killed a bull elk, and packed it out by himself.

But how did his journey into radio begin? A little something like this…

During the 90’s everybody seemed to love country music and Howard gobbled it up along with everyone else. Howard’s first job in radio was at Z101 In Helena, Montana a classic rock station where he worked in sales and production, and shortly after was offered a job as a morning show host in Twin Falls at the Music Monster, a new top 40 station coming into the magic valley in the late 90’s.

Howard was extremely grateful for the opportunity and always loved sharing the radio waves with whomever called in or stopped by. His favorite time of the day was an hour long request and dedication show called “the Plumbers Toolbox”

A true veteran in the radio industry he’s returned home & ready to entertain you through the airwaves!

Listen to his high energy community driven show middays 10am to 3pm on 102.1 The Bull