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Being Heard Matters

Howdy partner! Rope your brand into the heart of Magic Valley with KYUN 102.1 FM The Bull, your number-one station for all things country. Our dedicated weekly audience of 13,897 listeners tune in for the best country music from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and today, making it an ideal platform to amplify your brand message.

The Bull is more than a station – it’s a part of our listeners’ daily life, the melodic heartbeat of Magic Valley. From starting their day with Rick & Carly to the evening cruise with Mona, our listeners find a community with us and our timeless tracks from the likes of Blake Shelton, Jon Pardi, and more.

The Advantages of Advertising with The Bull:

  1. Connect with Your Prime Audience: Our main listenership consists of adults aged 25-64, a demographic with significant buying power. When you advertise with us, your brand is heard by those who matter.

  2. Become Part of the Musical Experience: By broadcasting your message alongside our country tunes, your brand blends into the musical fabric of our listeners’ lives, creating a strong and lasting impression.

  3. Leverage The Bull’s Trust: As a trusted source of entertainment in Magic Valley, our audience’s faith in The Bull extends to your brand when you advertise with us.

Time to Enhance Your Brand with The Bull:

From specially crafted commercials to strategic sponsorships, our advertising options can be customized to suit your brand’s unique needs. Our creative team, lauded for their top-tier copywriting, are skilled at tailoring your message to match our authentic country atmosphere while maintaining a professional tone.

Ready to turn the spotlight on your brand? Fill out the form and let’s set the stage for your brand’s journey with The Bull.